3 Day Vacation Itinerary for Cotton Castle

Day 1

09:00-10:30Breakfast at Cotton Delights$151.5 hrsTry local specialties like cotton-candy pancakes
11:00-13:00Explore Cotton Castle Park$102 hrsDon’t miss the breathtaking cotton formations
13:30-15:00Lunch at Castle Bites$201.5 hrsEnjoy a panoramic view of the castle while dining
15:30-17:30Visit Cotton Museum$122 hrsLearn about the history of cotton production
18:00-20:00Dinner at Cloud Nine Restaurant$302 hrsFine dining experience with a view of the sunset

Day 2

08:00-09:30Hot Air Balloon Ride over Cotton Fields$1501.5 hrsBook in advance for a magical experience
10:00-12:00Explore Cotton Village Markets$252 hrsShop for handmade cotton products
12:30-14:00Lunch at Cotton Cafe$181.5 hrsTry the cotton-infused cuisine
15:00-17:00Cotton Weaving Workshop$302 hrsHands-on experience in traditional weaving
18:30-20:30Dinner at Cotton Fusion$352 hrsFusion of local and international flavors

Day 3

09:30-11:30Hike to Cotton Summit$52 hrsSpectacular views of the entire cotton region
12:00-13:30Lunch at Summit View Restaurant$251.5 hrsRefreshing meal with a view
14:00-16:00Relax at Cotton Springs$102 hrsNatural springs surrounded by cotton trees
16:30-18:00Visit Cotton Art Gallery$151.5 hrsAdmire local artists’ cotton-inspired creations
19:00-21:00Farewell Dinner at Cotton Harmony$402 hrsEnjoy live music in a serene cotton-themed ambiance


  • The prices in the chart are not fixed and subject to change
  • The plan is suggested, You can make any change in the plan to suit your trip