Eder 3-Day Vacation Itinerary

Day 1

TimeActivityCost ($)DurationRemarks
09:00-10:30Breakfast at Café Eder Delight151.5 hrsTry local specialties like Ederian pastries
11:00-01:00Explore Eder National Park102 hrsHike the scenic trails, don’t forget your camera
01:30-03:00Lunch at Green Valley Restaurant201.5 hrsEnjoy fresh, locally-sourced ingredients
03:30-05:30Visit Eder Museum of Art122 hrsAdmire unique Ederian artworks and cultural exhibits
06:00-08:00Dinner at Riverside Bistro252 hrsWaterfront dining with a stunning sunset view

Total Cost for Day 1: $82

Day 2

TimeActivityCost ($)DurationRemarks
08:00-09:30Breakfast at Sunrise Café181.5 hrsFuel up for an adventurous day
10:00-12:00Zip-lining at Eder Heights402 hrsThrilling experience with panoramic views
12:30-02:00Lunch at Skyview Restaurant221.5 hrsElevated dining with stunning mountain vistas
02:30-04:30Explore Old Town Eder82 hrsQuaint shops, historic architecture, and local charm
06:00-08:00Dinner at Ederian Flavors302 hrsTaste a variety of Ederian dishes

Total Cost for Day 2: $118

Day 3

TimeActivityCost ($)DurationRemarks
09:00-10:30Breakfast at Coastal Café151.5 hrsFresh seafood and beachside views
11:00-01:00Relax at Eder Shores Beach52 hrsSunbathe, swim, and enjoy the serene environment
01:30-03:00Lunch at Seaside Grill251.5 hrsOceanfront dining with a variety of seafood options
03:30-05:30Water Sports at Adventure Bay502 hrsTry kayaking, paddleboarding, or jet skiing
06:00-08:00Farewell Dinner at Sunset Breeze352 hrsReflect on your Ederian adventure

Total Cost for Day 3: $130


  • The prices in the chart are not fixed and subject to change
  • The plan is suggested, You can make any change in the plan to suit your trip